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Our Partners

Since the services of MuCoBa are directly linked with the society (community members), it collaborates with other stakeholders. These stakeholders include the government, the NGOs, various companies, donors and development partners.

MuCoBa and the government

Local government

MuCoBa collaborates with local government (Mufindi District Council) in sensitizing people to use banking services.

Central government

MuCoBa collaborates with central government through various development projects like Rural Financial Services Programme (RFSP) and Agricultural Marketing Systems Development Programme (AMSDP). For example RFSP has contributed very significantly to the objective of MuCoBa of expanding rural outreach through capacity builing of MuCoBa and SACCOS.The Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility (SELF) project is a wholesale microfinance lending project jointly funded by the Tanzanian Government and the African Development Bank. It supports SACCOS and MFI’s by extending them loans and training facilities. Also MuCoBa could benefit from this fund.

Bank of Tanzania

MuCoBa is regulated as a unit regional bank which allows the mobilisation of savings. Besides regulation and supervision the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) also conducts training to MuCoBa staff members.


MuCoBa and international donors

MuCoBa collaborates with donors who share the same mission. A good example is the support from a Belgian NGO called TRIAS in collaboration with governmental program Belgian Survival Fund (BSF) and the non governmental foundation Belgian Raifeissen Foundation (BRS). As MuCoBa grows there is potential to receive support from other, international donors


Trias is a Belgian non governmental development organisation that supports family farmers and small entrepreneurs in 12 countries in Africa, Latin-America and Asia. Trias believes in the power of local economy as a lever to more welfare and as a weapon against poverty. Trias focuses on integrated local economic development of which support to microfinance is an important component. Globally about 380,000 people benefit from these Trias programs. Trias supported the creation of MuCoBa and keeps on supporting MuCoBa via funds (BSF Programme) for capacity building and credit to one of the very low income earners wards (Malangali) in Mufindi district.The BSF is a Rural Finance Support Programme of the Belgian parliament that has the objective to fight against food insecurity in Africa. For the implementation is worked with NGOs, bilateral and multilateral organisations. The support is given to integrated programs, where microfinance has its place. BSF supports MuCoBa via the project Support for the Initiatives of Rural Communities to improve food Security in Mufindi District, Tanzania.


Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation (BRS)

Today, 3 billion people world-wide still have no access to financial services such as saving, lending or insurance. Over a century ago, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen started a local cooperative movement in Germany to solve this problem. His system replaced charity with self-help: his principles were based on cooperation, mutual solidarity and respect for the individual. Today, BRS follows these principles by supporting start-up savings, credit and insurance institutions in the developing world.


Appui au développement autonome (ADA)

ADA is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) specialising in microfinance, a poverty-reducting tool that is particularly widespread in developing countries. They provide direct technical and/or financial support to microfinance institutions (MFIs) located in Africa, Asia and Latin America in order to help poor households work their way out of poverty. ADA is based in Luxembourg.LUXMINT (Luxembourg Microbanking Intermediary Scheme)is an investment programme of ADA that aims to support growing Microfinance Institutions in their development and to facilitate their access to commercial resources and capital markets. In this context, MuCoBa could could follow capacity building training.



Kiva aims to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. It created the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs around the globe. MuCoBa has established contacts with Kiva in order to collaborate in the future.



Unitus an international nonprofit organization, focuses on seeking out and partnering with young, high-potential microfinance institutions, helping them build capacity, attract capital and unite with its network to achieve rapid, sustainable growth. MuCoBa has established contacts with Unitus in order to collaborate in the future.


Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT)

The FSDT is a consortium of five development partners: CIDA, DANIDA, DFID, SIDA and the Royal Netherlands Embassy. It is an investment fund of which the overall aim is to achieve greater access for more people to the financial sector in Tanzania. In practice, this means identifying and funding investments and other projects that promote this objective. In part, the Trust seeks to help smaller financial firms, especially microfinance institutions and small banks develop to the point where they are sustainable, credible and creditworthy partners for commercial banks and larger financial institutions. MuCoBa got capacity building and funding from the FSDT.


MuCoBa and local NGO’s

MuCoBa also collaborates with local NGOs that provide capacity building to SMEs.


Incomet aims to uplift the standard of living of the people of Mufindi. So, Incomet provides training toSMEs in business development services, agricultural development services and vocational training. Incomet also invest in small rural infrastructure such as small bridges that opens up locked villages in the rainy season. Business development services include the formation of groups and training on income generating activities, cost price calculation, domestic economics, basics of savings and credits and on sustainability. Agricultural development services include trainings on rural items such as principles of crop production and storage, environment soil and water conservation, marketing, livestock development, disease control. Being part of INCOMET, the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) provides training on metal work, carpentry and tailoring and in the margin some basic computer courses. After these trainings MuCoBa gets valuable opportunity to provide financial services to the trained clients.


MuCoBa – Membership in Networks

MuCoBa is member of various organizations both nationally and internationally. By being a member in these organizations MuCoBa shares experience with others in the industry in order to improve the provision of services to its clients.

Community Banks Association Tanzania (CBA)

The Community Banks Association (CBA) works to provide resources for development as well as to advocate for community banks in Tanzania, e.g. in the negotiation of favourable deals for community banks getting state-of-the-art banking Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) at affordable costs. CBA provides training programs on operational efficiency. CBA advises on community banking aspects. MuCoBa has a close cooperation with all community banks.


Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI)

The Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI) is the umbrella organization for microfinance organizations working in Tanzania. TAMFI works to strengthen Tanzania’s microfinance sector by promoting cooperation and collaboration among its member organizations, providing training, conducting research and lobbying the government of Tanzania.


Africa Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA)

AFRACA is the Association of Central, Commercial and Agricultural Banks, Micro-finance Institutions and National Programmes dealing with agricultural and rural finance in Africa. AFRACA works to improve rural finance environment through the promotion of appropriate policy frameworks, which enables sustainable financial institutions to increase their outreach, improve their provision of financial services and disseminate innovative practices.


African Microfinance Transparency (AMT)

AMT was created in 2003 as the “African MFI Performance Evaluation Forum”. AMT works to develop the market for external performance evaluations (assessment/rating) of African MFIs so as to support their growth, their development and their professionalization. As such, they e.g. organise fairs to connect rated MFIs with investors interested in microfinance. MuCoBa is one of the founding members of AMT.