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individual loadCurrently MUCOBA BANK PLC offers this type of loans to individuals with businesses and institutions. The business ought to have been in operation for more than one year and applicant must be will to offer collateral for the loan. The loan requires to guarantors to sign for loan with the bank. The loan amount to disburse to a client is determined assessment but subject to a maximum of Tshs 20 million. This is, however, subject to review depending on the share capital base.
The repayment period for the loan is up to eighteen (18) months. The loan currently attracts interest rate of 24% per annum flat. The repayment frequency and grace period is flexible depending on the business requirement and circumstances. Loan assessment is done by the credit officer but approval done by the credit committee. A prospective client is supposed to open a savings account with the bank.

IMG_1903The small businesses and farmers are more economical to access them at their area of operation and in a group because their unit cost per transaction is relatively higher. This product was introduced in 2003 and has so far performed well. The product has been attractive in rural areas where formal collateral does not exist and incomes are not very regular. These loans are secured partly by borrower’s own savings and partly by group guarantee backed by other members’ savings. 

saccoc loanThis loan product is already in place for Savings and Credits Cooperative Societies (SACCOS). It is intended to be refined to cater for medium to large enterprises as well. These loans will be subjected to comprehensive business appraisal.
The use of SACCOS will widen the outreach and reduce the burden for the institution to deal with individual members. SACCOS will be used as wholesalers, by provide with them credits, and use such credits for lending to their respective members. This brings a big challenge for the bank making sure that SACCOS are built with very strong capacities to manage their activities.

IMG_1385Employee loans were established in April 2002 with the aim of providing financial services to employees of both private and public sectors under the guarantee of their respective employers. Its implementation started on well but later developed some problems in recovery. There were design issues for it assumed a lot of employer support. The product is in the process of being redesigned. 

IMG_1861Are short-term loans with regular repayments. These loans are more specific and are categorized as those being applicable to the purchasing of assets, these assets include Power tiller, Bodaboda and Bajaji.

Power tiller assets type are mainly for agricultural activities while boda boda   and bajaji assets type are mainly for passenger transportation. The borrower in this product will be required to have a savings of 50% of the asset price and the bank will grant 50% loan of asset price also the asset purchased should be of a high quality from the identified supplier.







This is a credit scheme intended to salaried employees in the public sector for meeting their financial obligations/ needs.
The purpose of the loan is to assist salaried employees to access financial services for acquiring home appliances, cars, ability to pay school fees, etc. The loan also aim to assist employees expand their micro enterprises as a means of increasing income and creating jobs for their family members.