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Open today a savings account at Mucoba Bank PLC and be eligible for our loans services

ATM Services

Our Umoja Switch ATM'sare cheaper and has wide coverage throughout the country

Our Vision

is to become among the leading banks in Tanzania & creating benefits to all stakeholders competitively

money transfer

through M-Pesa and Tigo-Pesa within the country and Westen Union, worldwide.

Our Objective

Is to provide financial services to the entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and other economic activities.


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 Deposit based products



Savings deposit is an interest-bearing account targeting various client groups. The bank targets farmers, business people, employees and general public. The product will be improved over time to suit varied needs of the target market. Interest rate to be charged will be competitive in the market. The account opening terms has been made easy and convenient to attract more savers.





Fixed Deposits


This is a type of deposit where a customer puts money for a specified period of time. This product was introduced to raise deposits that could be reinvested by the bank for some time. The duration for the deposit vary (three, six, nine or twelve months). There is no charge of opening and running the account.




MuCoBa enable customers to withdraw money using ATM mashines that belong to the Umoja Switch ATM network, a network that has wide coverage throughout the country.The service costs forUmoja Switch network is cheaper compared to other ATM networks available in our country.

UmojaSwitchLogoUmoja Switch ATM network enables customers to get other bank services via mobile phones,these services include balance inquiry, money transfer from MuCoBa bank account to M-pesa orTigo-pesa accounts and other mobiles companies and to withdraw money from the customer M-pesa or Tigo-pesa and deposit it inMuCoba bank account.