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historyMUCOBA  Bank PLC,  formerly known as  Mufindi Community Bank LTD (MuCoBa) was the oldest community bank in Tanzania incorporated in December 1998 and licensed by Bank of Tanzania (BOT) in May 1999 to offer banking services to the communities of Mufindi and neighboring districts. It opened its doors to the public in June 1999. MuCoBa was formed as a result of increased demand for financial services within the district. Its origin dates back to 1984 when Mufindi Education Trust (MET) was formed with a grant from ACT (a Belgian NGO which later on was renamed to TRIAS) to promote secondary education in the district. MET started a revolving fund (Incomet Ltd Fund) in 1996, which was later taken over by MuCoBa.
Shareholders who contributed towards initial share capital of Tshs 50 Million were Mufindi Education Trust (MET), Mufindi District Council, Incomet Ltd, Incofin Tanzania Ltd, Mufindi Teachers’ SACCOS, MET and Incomet Workers’ SACCOS and Mr. J.J. Mungai.


The objectives of setting up MuCoBa was to provide financial services to the people of Mufindi district that were underserved (low and medium income earners) and were lagging behind in development despite huge endowment and potential of the area.After going public , MUCOBA BANK PLC has now expanded its focus to the rest of the region and beyond. The provision of financial services would stimulate mobilization of savings that could be used by entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and other economic activities.



Is to become among the  leading  banks in Tanzania creating benefits to all stakeholders competitively. In order to realize this vision, MUCOBA BANK PLC has to invest heavily and consistently in product innovation, process re-engineering and development of customer friendly ways of doing business to increase customer satisfaction, increase revenues and cut down unnecessary costs.



Is to provide quality and appropriate financial services that help in creating employment to the community and wealth to shareholders and clients. It will do this by seeking to grow and expand sustainability within the district and beyond as well as networking with other institutions


Our Values

Being friendly, listening and caring is an attitude that is important to the staff. When people come to MuCoBa, the staff will be welcoming, appreciative and recognising. It is an attention point ofMuCoBa to reduce customer waiting time during service delivery. Because of the wide variation of type of clients, MuCoBa seeks to understand their financial needs to offer the best solution to their problem that can be very different. MuCoBa recognises the importance of communicating to customers in an appropriate language, manner and with respect. Also in its trainings and training manuals of the staff this is emphasised. Because customers are most important, MuCoBa wants to offer qualitative after-sale service.
We honour our capable staff by offering them a competitive renumeration and other kind of advantages that can improve their livelihood.
Once a year, MuCoBa organizes a family day. It allows the staff and their family to meet one another and share different views. It is a way to improve team spirit and mutual respect.
We give our staff the opportunity to study so that they can improve their skills and thus get a stronger base for a brighter future.

We can only be sustainable and have positive impact on life quality in Mufindi district and beyond if we work on efficiency and productivity. It is crucial for us to provide first class service all our customers, the people of Mufindi.

“We are committed to innovative solutions to customer needs and to our business challenges.”

Every five years, we make up our business plan. Doing our job, we look for our customer needs so we can include the solutions for them in our plan. Our field officers have close contact with our clients and so they have the information on what is needed by the community from first hand.